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Tysabri® Imaging Study– Patients starting Tysabri® will have a unique MRI brain Scan performed. – Closed to Enrollment

This is a single center study being conducted at Wayne State University, examining the effects of Natalizumab (Tysabri®) on tissue injury and repair in the central nervous system. Patients will receive 3 MRI’s throughout the 2 year duration of the study. MRI’s will be conducted as follows: 1 prior to the first dose of Tysabri®, 1 at year one of treatment, and 1 at year 2 of treatment.

Eligibility: Patients must be 18-60 yrs old diagnosed with Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis, having not been treated with Tysabri ® within the past 12 months. Patients must be able to walk at least 100 meters without resting, if assistance is needed for walking that assistance may only come from a cane or a crutch.
For more information please call 313-745-7186